Summary of Menter Iaith Bangor’s Business Plan (2020 – 2025)

What is Menter’s aim?


To promote the Welsh language so it becomes a natural part of daily life in Bangor.


Bangor’s Welsh speakers


Ø 6,000 (36.4%) speak Welsh.

Ø 1,600 (13%) understand Welsh.

Ø 7,600 (49%) speak and understand Welsh.

Ø Bangor = Wales’s most Welsh speaking city.



Over the next 5 years

We will be targeting...


Ø Children and young people to encourage them to speak more Welsh.

Ø Communities to encourage them to speak and use more Welsh.

Ø Families – encourage more families where at least one adult speaks Welsh as the first language with the children.


Main target audiences


Ø Bangor people who speak English and have learnt Welsh in school or from grandparents and who speak a little or no Welsh at the moment.

Ø Welsh learners who live/work in Bangor.

Ø Bangor people who are first-language Welsh speakers.






Ø Promote the language, culture and history of Wales,

Ø Organise gigs, lectures and discussions,

Ø Undertake linguistic specific projects,

Ø Organise activities for children, families, Welsh learners and the community.




Ø    We welcome volunteers to help us with annual events such as St. David’s Day Parade and Ras yr Iaith. Fancy volunteering, learning or improving your Welsh? Then contact us.



Popdy, Lôn Pobty, Bangor, LL57 1HR                                                               This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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