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Chronicling 2020 competition

On Monday 30th November a video competition chronicling 2020 was launched for Gwynedd residents and beyond to share their stories and experiences of this year. The competition has been arranged by Hunaniaith (Gwynedd’s Welsh language initiative), Digital Communities Wales, Menter Iaith Bangor, Age Cymru Gwynedd a Môn and the Bridging the Generations Coordinator.

Without doubt 2020 has been an incredible year so provides a golden opportunity to try and chronicle people’s impressions of the year, the good and bad. We are looking for people to share their own stories of bridging the generation between the young and old by means of video and technology. Maybe, in its own way, making a video might also highlight if not alleviate some of the loneliness people feel and create hope during the pandemic which has affected all of us in one way or another.

Do you have a story to share about love, friendship, the sense of hiraeth or loss of not being together once again? Are you self-isolating or shielding? We are looking for your videos that will convey your and loved ones experiences’ and human nature’s resolve and endurance during hard times.

Dafydd Iwan, Hunaniaith Chair and Age Cymru Gwynedd a Môn Ambassador, said “We warmly support this competition especially as it aims to bridge the generations, something that we at Age Cymru are very eager to promote. Loneliness can affect people of all ages, and very often the means to overcome loneliness is common to everyone, and we can learn from one another. An important part of that learning is to familiarise ourselves with new technology, something that can open all kinds of doors to the elderly as well as everyone else.”

Mair Rowlands, Menter Iaith Bangor Chair added “This partnership working highlights the timeless importance of communicating and socialising and being able to speak and use our first and preferred language, Welsh, with others. This year has highlighted this more than ever and so we very much look forward to see a variety of videos showing Welsh families stories in 2020. The public will also be able to see the winning video in Spring 2021, so budding filmmakers, go for it!”

As part of this competition, Digital Communities Wales will provide specific online training on December 4th explaining how to create simple digital stories for your mobile phone or tablet. Dewi Smith, on behalf of Digital Communities Wales further explains, “Digital technology has been a saviour in helping people keep in touch but also at the same time alleviating loneliness and fear. And creating digital stories is an excellent way of learning to use technology but also a way of collecting memories from older people and bridging the generations. We are looking forward to seeing your story.”

Mirain Llwyd, Bridging the Generations Coordinator, said, “Here’s an interesting project that gives family members from different generations an opportunity to look back at 2020 from their own perspective. It’ll be a great opportunity to bring people of all ages together to create a video about their own experiences, meanwhile learning about the experiences of people different to their own age.”

Training on creating a digital story will be held on December 4th for android phone/ tablet and another session for Apple, register here to attend

-        (Apple) session between 10 and 11 am https://walescoop.clickmeeting.com/straeon-digidol-apple-/register  and

·        -        (Android) session between 2 and 3pm https://walescoop.clickmeeting.com/straeon-digidol-andoird-/register

Competitors should send their videos to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before 18:00 on the closing date.

Start date 4/12/20 Closing date 28/2/21.

For the winner there’s a special prize to further develop film and videos skills namely a Fire HD 10 tablet.

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Summary of Menter Iaith Bangor’s Business Plan (2020 – 2025)

What is Menter’s aim?


To promote the Welsh language so it becomes a natural part of daily life in Bangor.


Bangor’s Welsh speakers


Ø 6,000 (36.4%) speak Welsh.

Ø 1,600 (13%) understand Welsh.

Ø 7,600 (49%) speak and understand Welsh.

Ø Bangor = Wales’s most Welsh speaking city.



Over the next 5 years

We will be targeting...


Ø Children and young people to encourage them to speak more Welsh.

Ø Communities to encourage them to speak and use more Welsh.

Ø Families – encourage more families where at least one adult speaks Welsh as the first language with the children.


Main target audiences


Ø Bangor people who speak English and have learnt Welsh in school or from grandparents and who speak a little or no Welsh at the moment.

Ø Welsh learners who live/work in Bangor.

Ø Bangor people who are first-language Welsh speakers.






Ø Promote the language, culture and history of Wales,

Ø Organise gigs, lectures and discussions,

Ø Undertake linguistic specific projects,

Ø Organise activities for children, families, Welsh learners and the community.




Ø    We welcome volunteers to help us with annual events such as St. David’s Day Parade and Ras yr Iaith. Fancy volunteering, learning or improving your Welsh? Then contact us.



Popdy, Lôn Pobty, Bangor, LL57 1HR                                                               This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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